Mitigating the Increasing Liabilities of Grocery Delivery

Fueled by a rise in on-demand services and heightened consumer expectations, supermarkets are under increasing pressure to offer grocery delivery services. While there are several business models to choose from, each has risks. Supermarkets and grocers must wade into delivery services carefully to protect their stores from liability claims and lawsuits. On-demand delivery services are […]

Common Lawsuits for Supermarkets and Food Processors

The average household makes at least 2 trips to the grocery store every week. This report shows despite online grocery options, traditional supermarkets are still thriving. Still, supermarkets and food processors must keep safety first to avoid lawsuits and stay profitable. Supermarkets face lawsuits from a variety of sources. The best defense combines mitigation procedures […]

How Supermarket Video Surveillance Can Help Your Bottom Line

Supermarkets and food establishments work within a narrow profit margin. Costly mishaps, such as lawsuits, theft, employee dishonesty, personal injury lawsuits, and discrimination claims, can derail a supermarket’s already slim profit margin in an instant and destroy its bottom line in no time.   To combat such losses, grocery retailers have an ally in video […]

What Food Processors Need to Know About Food Allergies

A food allergen contamination causes major legal and financial trouble for businesses along the entire food supply chain. For food processors, contamination can lead to costly recalls, lost product, and incalculable damage to reputation. Proper mitigation procedures coupled with comprehensive insurance are the best defense. Food processors have little room for error when it comes […]